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Dear Neighbors,

I’m running to be your next state representative because the challenges our city faces require new, effective leadership that will deliver. As I meet with neighbors in Bay View, East Side, Riverwest, Downtown and the Third Ward, many have expressed concern about the direction our community is heading -- and the political gridlock and divisive leadership that prevents the progressive change we need.

For over a decade, I worked for several of Milwaukee’s homeless shelters and social service agencies, including Pathfinders for youth and Dryhootch for veterans -- experiences directly serving our community -- that helped me understand our city’s needs. Hearing stories from and serving our city’s most vulnerable got me in touch with those who we are fighting for and persuaded me to join government to make our community better.

As longtime aide and District Director for Senate Democratic Leader Chris Larson, I have had the chance to work closely on important policy issues, including public transit and civil liberties; and develop relationships on both sides of the aisle that will prove helpful to break past political partisanship to advance our progressive agenda.

Our community is calling for new leadership. That’s why I’m proud to have the support of prominent leaders like Former Wisconsin Secretary of State, Alderwoman, and civil rights champion Vel Phillips, Sen. Nikiya Harris, Rep. Daniel Riemer, Rep. Fred Kessler, Former Reps. Barbara Notestein and Sheldon Wasserman, MPS Board of Directors Vice President Meagan Holman, and a growing list of others.

I am the only candidate pledging to serve as a full-time representative, without dividing my time between other jobs, dedicated to creating family-supporting careers of the future by:

1. Reinvesting in our Public Schools: Investing in early-childhood education, reducing class sizes, and ending the failed voucher experiment will create strong schools for our kids.

2. Expanding Access to Public Transit: Creating a regional transit authority, enacting a dedicated funding source for transit, and promoting transit-oriented development will ensure workers can get to the jobs they need.

3. Developing the Next Sustainable Economy: Expanding tax credits for green technologies, investing in research and development, and promoting the city’s freshwater science cluster will help protect our environment, while rebuilding our middle class with family-supporting jobs.

Our district needs a fresh, effective, and progressive leader in Madison with experience bringing people together to advance critical causes in our community. I hope I can count on your support on August 12th!

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